Traditional Furniture

I  came to fine wood working with a love for the traditional furniture styles. I  still make furniture in a traditional way. Working hardwoods in traditional ways is exacting and physical work.  By “traditional” ways I mean that my hands and eyes and skill are key to the process.

traditional furniture

Yes I use tools,both hand and powered. Jigs and templates adorn my shop walls. I  physically handle every piece of wood that goes into my creations. Automation  and computers are not part of the process in my shop.

Reliable design principles are supported by time-honored construction methods. Mortise and tenon, dovetailing, and frame and panel are just some of the joinery employed in my studio. I have created an environment where attention to detail, greater flexibility and quality control is the rule, not the exception.

An exceptional trade magazine, Fine Woodworking has got me through many difficult challenges. To this day issues one through one hundred hold top shelf position on my design loft bookshelf. In my thirty four years in the trade I have built a large repertoire of skills and accomplishments. Having stated that, it is important for me to recognize that I am never finished challenging myself.

Like artisans working before mass marketing, I work directly with my patrons. I eagerly welcome your input, in working through the design stages of any style of furniture.

The following thumbnails represent a sampling of my traditional furniture commissions over the past thirty four years.


Click on an image below to view my traditional furniture.

Night Tables Thumb Image

Taditional Furniture, Birdseye Desk

Traditional Furniture, Dressing Vanitity

Traditional Furniture, Roll Top Desk

Traditional Furniture, Hope Chest

Traditional Furniture, Stereo Cabinet

Armoire in White Ash

Sideboard in Cherry

Oak Sideboard in Red Oak

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My Home town has some very old Hardwood furniture producers.

My favorite


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