Live Edge Furniture

Live edge furniture expresses a unique side of any individual and brings nature indoors.

Candle SconceCreating live edge furniture is an organic process that provides considerable satisfaction for all involved. The candle  sconce pictured here was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life of a tree by creating a tree from the very wood itself. In this case a maple burl.  Much of my live edge works involves figured woods and burls. I have developed a special live edge treatment for removing the inner bark that leaves a very organic and natural looking live edge.


These waterfall sofa tables are made from large black walnut slabs. The highly decorative dovetail keys supply additional strength to the miter joint. This is some of the most gratifying live edge furniture of my entire career in fine furniture.

live edge waterfall tables

Live Edge table Butterfly Keys

Live Edge Walnut Tables

Watch them being made on my You Tube Channel

This walnut dinning table is made from two large slabs of black walnut. The process of creating a table like this can be very difficult to plan. In one sense you just have to run with it and see what the two planks will yield. In the end it turned out the open inclusion in the middle of the table reflects the patrons  fly-fishing heritage on the Saugeen River in Grey County. A very rewarding outcome for the patron.

If you are considering a live edge project a great place to start is selection of your live edge slabs of lumber. Please feel free to contact me for any assistance in this process.

Live Edge Dinning Table
More Live Edge Furniture

Some years ago I was approached to do a live edge mantel mirror for a patron near Boston Massachusetts. The result was this beautiful blistered maple mirror mantel. Once again the organic process ruled the day. It determined where the frame components where laid out on the board before the cutting began. The big challenge in the layout was getting the miter points to meet. The live edge front below the shelf is a drawer.

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