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“The Finished Farm Kitchen Works”

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Commissioned in 2003; a 19th Century Farm Kitchen in a gorgeous and unspoiled field stone farmhouse in Grey County, Ontario. These farmhouse kitchens present a very problematic situation. Most modern kitchen cabinet designs highlight large uninterrupted counter space and long runs of cabinets. Large windows low to the floor and multiple doors exiting these rooms make it almost impossible to incorporate modern design.

Traditionally farm kitchens comprised of Sideboards, Dish Dressers & Hutches. A heavy draw table often adorned the center of these large kitchens thus serving as a preparation space.

In this case my client had only an old Hutch unit with no doors. Missing was part of the 6 inch crown mold. It appeared someone had cut off the pie shelf to accommodate the solo use of the hutch while the original base had gone astray. My client had found the old painted hutch without a base and no doors. In a rather unusual twist of luck, some years later she found the original doors in an antique shop. The original hinges attached to the doors and lined up perfectly with the hinge mortise in the hutch. At this point the restoration of the existing pieces and the making of a new base cabinet where inspired.

“The Plans”


Composite Elevation; Existing & New

Farm kitchen

The design reflects a 19th century Germanic influence widely employed as far back as 18th century Pennsylvania. This influence entered Upper Canada by way of the Niagara Peninsula with large communities settling the Waterloo and surrounding counties.

We have incorporated the same traditional joinery as these historic kitchen furnishings. Joinery like mortise & tenon, frame & panel and dovetailing will ensure longevity and value in these fine pieces.

Painted kitchen cabinets

Elevation Reproduction Farm Kitchen

Traditional farm kitchen

Moulding Details highlight the hutch

Painted kitchen cabinets

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