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In the creation of my kitchen cabinets you will enjoy many carefully executed details such as crown molds, dovetailing and inset doors & drawers with wrapped bead molds just to name a few. More than 38 years in the industry allow me to assure you a careful and professionally executed plan.

Why should you buy custom made kitchen cabinets from a small producer?

In light of everything there are many good reasons to buy custom made kitchen cabinets. Being on the leading edge of design is often a small shop preference.  To produce distinct designs involving challenging and high level skills is in fact an appealing reward for the maker. Large production shops in contrast often pursue a generic look thus securing mass volume. Well organised small shops are a great choice for anyone looking for a unique expression in their kitchen.

  • Quality

    Attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on. There are certain little nuances that only an experienced eye would catch. For example, book matched door panels, or cutting from one board so the grain continues along from one drawer front to the next. In a small shop setting it is often easy to accomplish this fine level of detailing.

  • Flexible

    In order to maintain an edge in this market we need to be flexible to achieve the customers’ or designers’ ideas. It is also important for us to be creative and communicate our ideas so you can benefit most from our experience.

  • Commitment

    To us your project is our top priority so we create one kitchen at a time which allows for direct focus and better communication with you, the customer. Every kitchen contract we embark upon includes “in progress reports” complete with pictures of your kitchen in its creation.

  • Design

    In my 38 years of design and build experience I have developed some very reliable design skills. I work well with designers and do so on a regular basis.

  • Experience

    My shop employs myself and one other skilled tradeswoman who has worked with me for many years. So the same two people are responsible for each & every kitchen that leaves my shop.

In conclusion I don’t mean that all small shops produce better work or all large shops produce generic work. If you desire individual works in view of avoiding  that  “off the shelf” look you could benefit from selecting me as your small shop cabinetmaker. Before deciding you should be confident that your custom cabinetmaker is proud of their brand and stand behind their products. To that end this is where I have got it right over my 38 years in the cabinets business.

I am still here, I still love it and will see that you love it too. I look forward to hearing from you to Quote your Kitchen into our schedule.


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This is what my customers have to say:

Fred is an exceptional cabinetmaker whose creativity, depth of knowledge and attention to detail put him in a league of his own. Fred’s passion and dedication to his profession and each project he undertakes make him one of those rare professionals who instill confidence in everything they do. I have worked with Fred on more than one occasion and plan to continue working with him on future projects. He is honest, reliable and fair. Above all, Fred is a pleasure to work with as he has a natural ability to connect with people and understand their needs.

Mario Salvagio, Toronto

Owner of Arts & Crafts Cherry Kitchen

kitchen cabinetsInspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement (1890-1929)

    • kitchen cabinetsInspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement (1890-1929)









Design Firm References

I have worked with Fraser Design Studio on a number of projects.

We can be mutually recommended for design & build services.

Contact: Doris Fraser

Tel: (519)371-5834


Are you thinking of building your own boxes? If so you may only want kitchen cabinet doors & drawer fronts?

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Yellow Birch with traditional proportions and inset doorskitchen cabinets

you buy custom made Kitchen Cabinets from a small producer?

In case you Confused about Custom,Semi Custom or Stock cabinets. Read Here.

In the event that you just read the linked article you will know that I am a Custom Builder.

We design and price custom kitchen cabinets by correspondence for clients beyond reasonable driving times. Once booked I will travel to the customers location prior to starting work. At this point I collect the site dimensions needed to create your kitchen. Upon project completion I will either ship your kitchen or preferably deliver it myself for professional installation. I warranty my work and always look after my customers.

There are many good reasons to put high quality cabinets in your home, including increased property value.

This Real Estate listing says it best.

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