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Canadian Wood Craftsman produces Cathedral doors province wide for churches in Tara, Durham, Peterborough and Toronto Canada. I have doors throughout the North Eastern United States in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. Furthermore we are Export Ready and would be happy to quote your project.

The original intent when approached by the Perpetual fund committee was to replace the eleven Cathedral doors. After an exploration of the original doors I discovered a very unusual construction method that allowed a restoration of the exterior facing rather than whole new doors. This restoration approach saved the committee a considerable amount of capital while maintaining much of the original old growth pine used to make the existing frames.

St. Peter-in-Chains Cathedral, Peterborough, Ontario

cathedral doors


Main Cathedral doors with original T and G facing cut away
The interior 2 inch Stile & Rail frame (seen above in Purple) is made completely separate from the 1 inch exterior T & G cladding (seen above cut away).
This unusual construction allowed removal of the exterior pine facing and a new T & G facing of Oak to be added.


Removing T and G facing from original 2″ frame of the Cathedral doors.
Some interesting discoveries where uncovered in the difficult removal of the original facing.
In particular fasteners from the 1950’s revealed a previous re-facing job. Evidence of a previous scarfed repair to the bottom rail is visible in the above photo.


Applying new T and G with west system epoxy.
Using West System Marine Epoxy we applied new T and G facing.
This water impervious adhesive ensures permanent adhesion in any exterior climate including wood boats afloat in water.
It’s my best insurance.cathedral doors


Side Cathedral doors with new tongue and groove facing.
We restored and reused all the original hardware as seen on this finished pair of doors.cathedral doors


A restored West facing Door with new Oak T and G Facing
We completed the project in 3 stages to avoid having all 11 doors off the Cathedral at once .cathedral doors


Temporary plywood closures in place during the Cathedral Doors restorationcathedral doors

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