Custom Wood Doors

Custom wood doors on your homes entrance say welcome home. Every time you arrive home its there to greet you. Attractive solid wood doors will add character to your home while adding security thus added value.

 I do custom wood doors as a one off or multiple doors at a time if doing an entire house. This is an artisan shop that produces exceptional quality in each and every door produced. In this two person shop my hands are on each and every product I produce. Yes custom doors often cost more than factory made doors. The economy of scale that factories achieve by producing hundreds of doors at a time result in lower prices. But don’t be shy. The lower overhead of the small shop like this can offset some of this price difference. Doors made with a sharp eye towards aesthetics will more than compensate for the rest.

We achieve beautiful aesthetic in a door by carefully select the wood for both grain and colour. Not all pieces of wood are the same and some just don’t belong beside each other due to grain pattern or colour variation.  When requested we use book matched panels in the doors which produce a wonderful balanced grain pattern. We sand our doors by following the various grain directions and finish sand them by hand including hand breaking of all the sharp corners. Whether we finish the door or you finish it when you get it from us you wont have to touch the door with sandpaper. Your doors come completely finish ready. We can include in your quote our finishing service but you will need to pick colours for stains or paint.

Proud owners of a century homes may quickly realize traditional doors in contrast to modern designs are narrower and taller than modern sizes. Traditional designs capture the period of your home. Gothic, round or arched tops are great examples of where custom door shops excel as odd sizes and shapes do not represent any obstacle.

Be it Traditional or Modern in design if you are looking for a unique expression for your entrance way that will add character and value to you home? You are in the right place.

The following links represent a sampling of Custom Wood doors, Traditional doors and Victorian millwork I have created in my thirty eight years in the trade.

Round Top Doors
Interior Solid Wood Doors
St Peter in Chains Cathedral Restoration
Indianappolis Mahogany Doors

Gothic Church Doors
Wood Screen Doors
Wood Storm Doors
Victorian Gingerbread
Wooden Porch Screens

This link to Custom Wood Doors  is a great place to formulate ideas.

custom wood doors


We make Custom wood doors for you!

Solid wood doors employ the use of traditional joinery like Mortise and Tenon construction. You can see in this exploded view a door carefully laid out on the bench and photographed just before the gluing. Clearly visable are
 the mortises in the stiles (vertical frame members) and the tenons on the rails (horizontal cross frames).

Click on this link to see Doors assembled

Click on this link to open these Pantry Doors

custom wood doors

Finally at the end of the day I will produce an individual creation that adds value and character to you home so Lets talk.

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